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Posted by mrsmart on December 20, 2016

Planning your 2017 training schedule?

Please allow me to introduce Houston Public Relations Training Institute’s Winning PR Seminar 2017, Houston, TX–Better Business Communication Solutions (BBCS), combined Strategic Public Relations, Integrated Communication and Crisis Management training, with proven strategies and tactics straight from the PR front line.

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This seminar is dedicated to empower those who communicate on behalf of your organization: PR Professionals, Public Affairs, Corporate Communicators, Social Media novices, Company Spokespersons, Executives, and Leaders. Front-line staff: Customer Service, Client Relations, Sales, More. Gain the skills to communicate organization’s best; to help build, manage, and protect your organization’s brand reputation!


You’ll receive Houston Public Relations Training Institute Master Communicator Certificate, ready to help transform how your organization communicates for maximum impact.



More information, call 713-834-4138 or to register: Choose a preferred date to attend.

Determine how many of your colleagues will attend. (There’s multiple registration discount with FIVE or more registrants from your group). Register today.


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Don’t listen. ACTIVELY LISTEN!

Posted by mrsmart on March 24, 2014

Actively listen to incoming communication to appreciate what is communicated. Actively listen to outgoing communication to gauge how what one communicates may be received.

Join us for Houston PR Training 2014. Houston, TX. Register and reserve your space.

Gain new and crucial skills to build your PR foundation, advance your career and help your organization maintain the edge.

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Posted by mrsmart on March 24, 2011

Unless CBS has become a monastery in the few weeks since, the Network must find a way to bring Charlie Sheen back into its fold, and FAST!

Employing the power of the new social media, Sheen has quickly returned the luster to his supposedly damaged brand, thereby rewriting the rules of PR. This isn’t how it was supposed to happen.

When CBS fired Charlie Sheen on March 4, 2011 from the CBS hit show, Two and a half men, following Sheen’s comments that insulted the show’s creator, the calculation was that Sheen was history.

With his well documented “bad boy” image to boot, his firing meant he was damaged goods. From a traditional PR and brand perspective, this narrative sounded true. Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell Charlie Sheen or the millions of followers he quickly garnered the very first day he set up his Twitter account, breaking the Guinness book of world records along the way.

This begs the questions; was Charlie Sheen’s reputation really damaged in the first place? If so, would it be his personal or professional reputation? Could CBS have made a mistake in firing him thinking audiences cared enough about his personal theatrics, and thus would jettison him and the network? Or, importantly, does Sheen’s entertainment value trump his personal shortcomings?

In my opinion, the latter is the case. Sheen is and always has been an entertainment GOLD. He has the pedigree. His record one million Twitter followers explosion in one day proves it. Last I checked, CBS is not a monastery and Sheen was never hired by CBS to become a monk, or for his clean cut image. CBS, therefore, should stop pussyfooting and conclude the rumored renegotiation of Charlie Sheen’s contract, FAST.

In the world of entertainment, audience is King. With Sheen attracting millions of fans, CBS has nothing to lose except the additional new audiences he brings, which other networks would gladly pay top dollar to snatch should CBS balk.

Join us for PR Seminar 2011. Houston, TX.

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