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John Kerry Set To Talk With Iran, As Hopes Rise For Obama-Rouhani Handshake

Posted by mrsmart on September 24, 2013

Iran, America’s new BFF?
Everything in life is subject to change.
Just as America’s views of Iran has been modifying these past few years, any reason to think Iranians themselves couldn’t change their view of America?”
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Joe Scarborough: GOP Donors ‘Lied To By ‘Conservative Media’ (VIDEO)

Posted by mrsmart on November 12, 2012

Mega donors deserved to lose. They gambled their money trying to buy the election for their selfish aim!

The real victims are my friends on the right duped into thinking Fox and Talk radio are gospel and, by extension, the American people denied real debates on the best way to move this great country forward.
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Tatyana Limanova, Russian Newscaster, Gives Barack Obama The Finger On National Television (VIDEO)

Posted by mrsmart on November 24, 2011

Your hateful comments here show your level of ignorance. Hate to break this to you, but the middle finger isn’t a universal gesture for disrespect or hate. Sometimes it’s the thumb, such as when “thumbing a ride.” Sometimes it’s a fist. Other times it’s the V sign, such as for victory sign, but turned backward. How do you know what this newscaster was implying with her gesture? Sincerely, people outside the US.
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Tiger Woods’ Unconventional Crisis Management. The next step.

Posted by mrsmart on February 19, 2010

This is a continuing look at Tiger Woods unconventional yet superb crisis management. Please see the first posting here.

As Tiger Woods has chosen to make his first public statement since the scandal that forced him out of the public eyes, many are questioning his PR people and their methods.

What many are expecting is the conventional crisis management approach of a news conference where Tiger Woods meets the press and answers questions directly from them.

However, Mr. Woods crisis management approach is neither traditional nor conventional. So, if they received an A grade for their crisis management planning from me, they deserve an A for execution. Almost all elements of crisis management I touched on in my first post are still intact as they take the first tentative steps for Tiger’s return to the public eyes.

1. The audience to whom he will be speaking—Tiger Woods handpicked those to whom he will be speaking in the room. Besides Mrs. Woods, with whom he spent all these time making atonement, these may be those to whom he owes his legitimacy and feels needed to be talked to directly. By extension, however, he will be speaking to the wider television audience around the world, only they will not be able to turn the event into a circus.

2. Message control—Whatever he decides to say, Tiger Woods is controlling the message. He will be speaking to a captive audience: close friends, business partners, and yes, the world wide audience.

3. The method—A news conference. He will offer a mea culpa, an apology and discuss whatever he so wishes, but will not take any questions.

4. The timing—It has been nearly three months. He is holding this event on a Friday, a traditionally slow news day or “news dump” day, however one looks at it.

5. The principal—Mr. Woods, himself will speak on his own behalf. Nothing begins to bring closure than hearing from the principal person in the crisis. Not his lawyers, publicists or what have you.

6. Pre-crisis reputation—Tiger Woods had a stellar reputation before the crisis. His pre-crisis reputation provides him a reservoir of goodwill from which he can draw as he embarks on his come-back journey. Despite his transgression, Mr. Woods still has a strong base of support. Few of his fans turned against him. For that matter, only few sponsors out rightly severed business ties with him.

There is hardly a downside to these tentative steps Tiger Woods is planning to take with the planned event. And, at the end of the day, Mr. Woods would have accomplished what he set out to do: Address the scandal in public; discuss it his way by controlling the message; and taken that crucial important first step towards fully returning to the public arena and professional golfing.

Emmanuel A. Smart is President of SMART EXPRESSIONS, a Strategic Public Relations and Corporate Communication firm based in Houston, TX.
Mr Smart ‘s expertise is in crisis management. He specializes in building, leveraging and protecting individuals and organizational image and reputation. Mr. Smart is available for media interviews. For more information, call 713-834-4138, email: or visit

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Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, Somali Pirate, Arrives In NYC, Awaits Court Hearing

Posted by mrsmart on April 21, 2009

I don’t want to hear that nonsense. Teenage my arse. He committed a grown-up offense. Holding someone against his will is a federal offense, period. To say nothing of the tense five days the American people had to endure, and disruption of international commerce. I hope they throw the book at him. Oh, his mother is free to attend his trial and actually visit him while he rots in jail. The president’s duty is to protect the citizens of the USA. He must not play with this case.

Whether it was his first or not, that “boy” better be smiling because no American was killed in his and his cohorts’ stupidity.
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