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IMAGE IN EVERYTHING! The Terrible optic of Mitt Romney’s major economic speech location.

Posted by mrsmart on February 24, 2012

In PR as in life, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! For that reason, I’m almost tempted to apologize on behalf of Mitt Romney’s meeting planners and PR people for staging this “major economic speech” in an all but empty football stadium. The optics was awful!

Meeting planners understand the power of image in choosing meeting location. What lingers in conversations long after the meeting, good or bad, are usually the impressions about the location. A place at the beach, a standing-room only event, a location next to train tracks, and so on.

Any wonder, then, why no one is talking about the content of Mr. Willard M. Romney’s “major economic speech?” Simple. It was all about the optics of a nearly completely empty stadium, because in PR and in life, Image is everything!

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