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Governor Palin resigns

Posted by mrsmart on July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin resigns her post as Alaska Governor

Sarah Palin resigns her post as Alaska Governor

Lets face it, competition for the GOP nomination will be brutal. Think about Huckabee, Romney, T-Paw, governors who finished their terms, some of them, two terms; and some candidates we don’t know yet.

In announcing her resignation from the governor’s office, Palin, I think, is leaving the very job she needed to continue to build on her resume so she can do better next time she tries to run for National office. Have you heard this woman articulate international policy ideas better than her ability to see Russia from her front porch?

Since leaving the national campaign, Ms Palin has done the exact opposite of what I thought she needed to do to better herself for future national political run. Read what I wrote on this blog on November 10, 2008.

All I have seen her do is fight with virtually anyone who dares say anything she doesn’t like about her or her cause. From political operatives to David letterman; John Kerry, the media, etc.

Everything about her future plans is speculative for now at best. So, I just wish her the best in whatever she chooses to do.


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