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Re: Gingrich Rips RNC For Its Blagojevich Attacks

Posted by mrsmart on December 16, 2008

This is a post in response to a article: Gingrich Rips RNC For Its Blagojevich Attacks

Newt Gingrich Took the words right out of my mouth. I know I am one of only a few Newt’s fans. Whatever happened to the smart GOPers there used to be? Where is Mike Huckabee?

Not that anyone in the GOP asked me. But, the leadership of the Grand Old party should be ashamed of itself.

The Republicans received a thorough beating in two successive congressional elections, and are poised to make it a Trifecta in 2010; not to talk of the presidential contest which was a blow-out. The Blaggy/ Obama senate seat problem should be the least of their worries!

Fitzgerald says Obama isn’t a target; Emanuel is not a target. Even if they were, Political crisis 101 says when you see your opponent in some sort of trouble, stay out. It further says to allow them to crash and burn, and then you’ll get the full benefit. A political neophyte should know that, but apparently these “brilliant minds” in the GOP leadership don’t.

With four to eight years in office, there will be plenty of opportunity to oppose Obama if that’s what the GOP chooses to spend their time doing while in their self-created political wilderness.

Getting involved as they did, complete with an attack ad, reveals their issues bankruptcy, and their determination to work tirelessly towards irrelevancy.


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