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Secret Ballot To Decide Lieberman’s Fate

Posted by mrsmart on November 16, 2008

Joe Lieberman.

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT). The 2000 Democratic Party Vice Presidential nominee.

This post is in response to The Hartford Courant’s article today, November 15, 2008
It is titled Secret Ballot To Decide Lieberman’s Fate. By Jesse A. Hamilton.

The Dems didn’t quite get to the 60 super majority senate seats in the election.
As I wrote in this blog on October 26, please see below; that’s why the wringing
of hands on what to do about Lieberman, today.

There were indications last week that, like Bill Clinton, Obama wanted Joe Lieberman
to be left alone. This secret ballot, if true, however, gives his colleagues cover to
voice what they truly thought of Lieb’s shenanigans during the 2008 GOP convention.

No one questioned his friendship of McCain; or try to stop him from supporting his
Friend. But, he knows, or should know, he crossed the line with some of his comments,
especially during his speech at the convention.

Democrats can say they deserve a say on whether or not Lieb stays, because while Lieb
was off doing his thing, they can say they worked extremely hard for their victory.

Plus, they can do it without seeming to contradict the new president-elect’s wish. In
addition, if successful, it may be the first Obama veto override.


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