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The Day Elizabeth Dole lost NC

Posted by mrsmart on November 4, 2008

This post is an expansion of my response on on October 31, 2008. It was titled Dole blasts Hagan again over ‘Godless’ fundraiser. If, as polls show, Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) loses her reelection bid today, Nov. 4, she can trace it back to the ad she ran; and repeated, and which the people of NC rejected.

I am a born again Christian; a former registered Republican. I changed my political affiliation precisely because of this sought of slash and burn politics. And, because I was sick and tired of Christians living against the teaching of Christ in the name of politics.

Having lived in NC during the days of Jesse Helms, I ‘m not the least bit surprised at Dole’s ads. Straight from her party’s worst playbook, she’s fighting dirty to hang on to her seat. But what for? Let’s see. 1. She spent just 13 days in a year, in her home state of NC; a mere four hours drive, give or take, from Washington, DC! Much shorter with a plane ride. 2. She has been so ineffective in her stewardship of that seat. She forgets it’s not her right but a privilege given by the people of NC. What has she done for them since she was elected? Any bacon? Not hardly. 3. She headed the GOP senatorial election committee in 2006; lost so badly she was removed. 4. Is this seat worth so much she is willing to destroy someone else, and sell her soul to keep it?

Who is Elizabeth Dole to judge another Christian? Who is she to accuse State Senator Kay Hagan, a Presbyterian, and Sunday School Teacher, for being Godless. Shame on Mrs. Dole. I’m glad the good people of NC have seen through your nonsense, and will send you back to your husband in Kansas. He’s been advertising a product I’m sure you both can use right about now. 


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