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Where have the smart GOPers gone? From a former GOPer.

Posted by mrsmart on October 21, 2008

No offence intended on this write-up.

But, is it just me or have Republicans and their voters always been so less informed than the rest of the country? GW still has 73 percent approval rating with republicans, for crying out loud!

To hear elected officials, Ms Palin is believed to be inteligent, and “a breath of fresh air.” Like Bob Hayes (R), NC says, it’s the media that’s after her.

Some are even arguing that should McCain not win, she will be the new face of leadership in the GOP. This begs the questions.

Has anyone seen where she participated in a round table and articulated her positions? Did I miss her policy presentation anywhere?
Originally posted as a comment by E_Houston_TX on Political Wire using Disqus.


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