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Rest, John McCain, It Just Wasn’t Meant To Be.

Posted by mrsmart on October 13, 2008

Unless, God forbid, something catastrophic happens in the country between now and Nov 4 and, somehow, John McCain becomes the savior to whom everyone looks to rescue us, and thus turn out en mass and vote for him in place of barrack Obama, this election is all but over for john McCain. This POW can use the rest. It just wasn’t meant to be.

The acknowledgment of the 6 point deficit in National polling this morning, and the resignation in John McCain’s campaign manager’s voice on NPR’s Morning edition spoke volumes. True, Steve Schmidt gave us the talking points of the campaign as any campaign manager should. True, we technically have three weeks before Nov. 4, the actual voting day, but I think McCain is resigned to this inevitability and may just be counting the days until the end of campaigning. My summation is thus.

Forget what the media is saying. This thing may not be as close after all. The ground to make up for the McCain’s campaign is almost insurmountable:

Just when the McCain’s campaign appears to be out of synch in message and tactics, the opponent appears to be tightening up and getting better organized for the sprint to the finish line.

On a weekend when McCain is hunkered down for debate prep, the opponent brings in even “bigger guns” to campaign in must-win states of FL, PA and OH. Meanwhile, the once shoo-in for VP, Florida governor Charlie Crist will campaign for McCain in Florida (if he has the time).

Other GOPers are jumping ship with no big guns going to bat for him in any of the so-called battleground states

The opponent’s money-on-hand advantage

Polling numbers that would not just budge, at least in a less favorable direction for the opponent, not to mention favorability ratings

Thirty minutes block prime-time purchases on two National network, with two more in discussion on October 29, just less than one week before the national election.

Etc, etc, etc.

Negative attacks
Several articles, today, and from the weekend imply that the McCain’s negative attacks on Obama have boomeranged and actually hurt John McCain politically. Several polls in the past few days bear that out. As if to underscore this very point, McCain was forced to defend Barrack Obama in Wisconsin on Friday when a supporter called Obama an “Arab.” Further, the campaign has largely stayed on the issues with little or none of the vicious attacks of the past 10 days or so from the candidate or his running mate.

Nothing left to say
These articles also suggest that John McCain has some solutions for the ills of the country he has eschewed in place of the negative campaign he has run. The truth is that as seen in the debates, he has said all he has wanted to say. Nothing more is left in the tank. Think about it. The dominant issue is the economy and its rapidly changing circumstances to which few have answers. McCain, based on his admission, doesn’t know “as much as I should” about the economy. So, case closed.

Couple that with the fact that he checked his independent endearing credentials, even to this writer, and instead espoused too much right wing ideas in a poorly run campaign, McCain may just be counting the days to the end of campaigning so he can get some much needed rest. This POW can sure rest his aching feet.


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