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Obama-Bill Clinton–The unfair expectations

Posted by mrsmart on September 29, 2008

In 2000, Al Gore waited till the very end, when he became desperate, to invite Bill Clinton to campaign for him. In 2004, Kerry sought and received a wholehearted endorsement of the former president complete with full-trotted campaigning. Somewhere in between lays the Obama expectations. My suggestions? Make phone calls; cut some ads, and rest, Mr. President. I understand.

Several headlines in the media appear to suggest the Obama campaign and, indeed, the public are expecting some form of public pronouncement from the 42nd president of the United States on behalf of Barack Obama’s candidacy. Clinton never mentioned Obama’s name on Jon Stewart-Chris Rock. Clinton hesitant to call Obama “a great man” as he did with Mccain-The New York Post; etc, etc.

Suddenly, reports are indicating Clinton will campaign for Obama in Florida on wednesday. I love Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is a great man. But I believe too much is expected from a man whose wife was beaten by Obama in such a hotly contested primary. Since losing his reelection as governor of Arkansas a long time ago, he has been on a winning streak. This lose may hurt deeper than we know.

So, as far as I’m concerned, he need not bother. Waiting until almost 30 days before the election to “go out and campaign in earnest” for Obama, in my opinion, appears coerced and maybe a little too little too late. After the conventions, the first debate and the trickery of John Mccain, I think voter’s positions are crystallizing. I mean is any Puma really on the fence, and needs the president’s speech to come home and vote democratic? Is any republican out there expecting some nudging from Bill Clinton to vote democratic?

Body language
I know every bit helps, but of what use is it when Mr. Clinton’s body language and rhetoric in interviews after interviews since the convention say his heart is really not in campaigning for Obama at least openly beyond what he had to do at the convention?

Mr. Clinton spoke so eloquently at the convention, making a case for change. I think that should suffice. In the speech, he unequivocally endorsed the presidency of Obama and implored Hillary’s supporters, yes 18 million of them, pumas included, to support and work to elect Obama. That, to me, was enough. Especially, I do not want anyone blaming Mr. Clinton if Obama loses, or giving him too much credit if he wins.


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