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Obama’s no public financing. The real TRUTH why folks at FOX are squealing!

Posted by mrsmart on June 20, 2008

Let’s debate the issues, present ideas and let the good folks on the streets vote for the better candidate. 

The reason for the squealing you hear on FOX has practically nothing to do with whether or not Obama kept his word on public financing.

The real TRUTH is that In politics, money talks! Simply put, if you don’t have money, pack your bags and just go home. Otherwise, you are TOAST!

McCain has changed his positions on so many positions, the public has lost count. But that is a topic for another time.

Unfortunately, the money advantage has always been the Republicans’. With their decidedly larger money “war chest,” money has only talked for the Republicans. In elections after elections, aligned with their powerful, better financed, 527s, Republicans have been able to run negative ads, untruths, smears.

With the public finance cap, and no money to respond, people believe the ads. Before you know it, the opponent’s negatives are up and, like they say, the rest is history. This time, folks, it is different. The days of negative ads, untruths and smears without response are OVER!

The reason for the squealing you hear on FOX is that, that readymade tool the Republicans had, has been taken away. Nothing, I mean, nothing remotely resembling a negative ad will go unanswered. Money still talks. Only this time, it will have some company.


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